Are you getting a lot of Trash, Hang Ups, Spam Phone Calls on your Cell Phone?

By Daniel Todd
on July 09, 2016

Are you getting a lot of Trash, Hang Ups, Spam Phone Calls on your Cell Phone?

As contractors we are forced to answer the phone for new Business, but when the calls are trash calls, solicitors, hang ups, robo calls, it can affect your ability to handle the calls that you want.  It can affect your mood, your availability to process business on your phone.  In our case, credit cards, incoming new business, and even your driving.

We finally hit the wall and found a FREE Solution and want to share this amazing tool to as many people as we can to help our fellow business and residential customers alike.

Simply Download the Free APP, MR NUMBER!

You are Welcome.

Must Have Parts when Repairing or opening a 1/2″ Watts 009 RP

By Daniel Todd
on July 08, 2016

1) Small Valve Check Pick Watts 009 RP, WP100, Use on all of your Repairs 009, $19.50

2)  Check Wrench Watts 009 RP 1/4″-1/2″, WT102, Use on all of your Repairs 009, $25.00

3)  Watts 009 RV 1/4″ to 1/2″ (Diaphram Only) Relief Valve 1020060, $21.00

4)  Watts 1st Check Repair Kit for Watts 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ 009 (RK-009-CK1), 887291, $34.00

These should be in every repair technician’s tool bag before you repair or attempt to repair any Watts 009, 1/2″ RP

Do you ever want Just one hard plastic part that is not in the rubber kit?

By Daniel Todd
on July 07, 2016

Just this week, we had a customer want a relief valve guide for the Febco 860.  The issue is that you can either get the rubber kit or the complete relief valve that has the brass cover.  The relief valve guide is a hard plastic piece that is not included in the rubber kit.  This was the only broken piece on the relief valve.  Why should you have to buy the complete relief valve with the Brass cover when you only need the relief valve guide?  We are making individual hard pieces available.  If you do not see the part you need on the website, please call, text, or email so we can add it to our online parts availability.  Even if it is not listed, we can get the part.

O-Ring Too Big!

By Daniel Todd
on April 24, 2016

How many times have you ordered a repair kit and everything fits exactly as it should, except for the most important O-ring in the kit?  This is not as critical for the experienced repair tech, but for the fairly new tester/repair tech it can be devastating. 

Usually, the offender O-ring is just a little bit too big!  You can try to put lubricant on it (to keep it in place so you can fit the part back in place).  But, the O-ring is too big and will cause problems at a later time that will cause a call back and much added stress.

You just can’t believe that the manufacture could send out a part in the factory kit that is not the correct part!  It must be your fault!

For a new tester, Self Doubt, Lack of Confidence, and a Problem with your customer are sure to follow!

You do your part, you fail the assembly.  You get the client on board for the repair.  Now, you look like a tool.  It was supposed to be an easy repair.  Now, the customer is questioning your ability and skill.

Where do you go from here?  Replace the backflow prevention assembly $$$?  Buy another Kit and get the same bad O-ring $$$?

Hopefully, you still have your old O-ring for the temporary fix!

Contact your Parts Suppler with your kit information, there may be an order date or other information from the packaging.  They can send out a replacement O-ring.  Then hopefully at this point, they will check their existing stock, that should have been Quality controlled upon receiving the repair kits from the factory. 

If you need only an O-ring, we have that for you. 


We Just Started Shipping Backflow Parts to Canada

By Daniel Todd
on April 07, 2016

We are happy to begin accepting orders from the Great White North.  If you Need a Part order it up.


We Just Updated our Watts 009/009M1/009M2/009M3 Parts Sections!

By Daniel Todd
on March 17, 2016

We just made it easier to find your parts on all varieties of the Watts 009 Backflow Preventers.  We have total repair kits, rubber kits, relief valves, and check assemblies for all models and varieties of the Watts 009 listed on the website for your convenience.  If you need any items that are not listed on the website we are just an email or phone call away.  We are still adding parts to the website on a daily basis.  Thank You

Documentation of a Repair

By Daniel Todd
on March 05, 2016

Let’s go through a scenario.  You arrive at a brand new install to certify the backflow prevention assembly.  You make the test, and it FAILS!  You take it apart, Clean It.  You fill out the paper work.  You forget to document the repair.  You enter in your values.  Pass on the first time.  You figure It passed, what is the difference?  Why go through the extra steps in documenting the fact that it failed when you arrived on scence?

Many water Districts, M.U.D., City Water Departments, Providers of Water don’t understand the importance of the backflow program.  They only follow the Law to avoid penalties and fines.  When they get push back from a compliance effort by the public, they start looking through test reports and find that they all passed on the first time.  Well, if they all passed on the first time, Why are we requiring the Backflow Preventers to be inspected anyway?  It makes sense right?

Document your fails, repairs, and of course your passes!

Before you Fail an RP for a Second Check not holding?

By Daniel Todd
on February 28, 2016

Before you Fail an RP for a Second Check not holding?  Ask your self, What are you looking for on the RP Second Check Valve test.  As you know, You are not looking for a number value.  You are looking for Second Check Valve Hold tight or Closed Tight.  We know the First Check Valve Must hold above 5.0 PSI.  If the Second Check, does not hold above 5.0 PSI, is that a fail?  NO!

When does the Second Check Fail?

The Second Check fails when your Bypass hose is connected to the bypass on your gauge (5 Needle Gauge), Gauge open, with the 4th test cock connected and open and your gauge reading falls to the point of your relief valve opening point.  You will see a discharge from the relief valve.  You should have just learned that value from the previous function test.  If your first test reveals that your second check valve fails, remember to compensate for Disc Compression, and Retest the second Check.

So, Did the check valve hold tight or not!

Wilkins 375 and 375A Parts

By Daniel Todd
on January 24, 2016

The Wilkins 375/375A is a reduced pressure assembly.  It is available in 2 ½” – 10” sizes and has been in production since 1998.  The “A” series began in 2004 and indicates that the inlet and outlet of device body are grooved instead of flanged.  Parts are interchangeable between the 375 and 375A series except on 2 ½” – 3” sizes where the repair parts are different.  The body is made of ductile iron with a fused epoxy coating.  A lead free version was introduced in 2011 (375AXL).

We are adding New Products and Sizes to the Website Daily

By Daniel Todd
on December 09, 2015

If you don’t see a part your are looking for, give us a call or email and we can get you a quote on the part ASAP.  We still can have the parts delivered to your door with in 2 Days, even if you don’t see it on the website. 


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